Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jounral Entry for December 12, 2003

Just got back from the Kenyan National Day reception. Picked up some useful info, a lot of rumor and saw from only a few feet the infamous Hasan Al Turabi. Chatted with my colleagues from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia and also Egyptian intelligence. At the end, I complemented the Kenyan Ambassador for not doing a speech. He looked crestfallen as he told me he had prepared a speech, a long one, but had been been prevailed upon not to deliver it since no one would listen. I suggested he email it to me and he assured me that he already had. I love these Africans, the real ones I mean.

The young kittens appear to be growing increasingly comfortable with their possession of my front yard and patio. Moma guards them carefully and they are so cute that during Happy Hour here, several people gave serious thought to stealing one or the other. But they seem to have already decided that I am of little account and need not pay me much heed.

Got warm enough here this week to return to AC. But not bad. Started work on my Xmas puzzle. It'll be here when I return.*

*Note: I would be leaving later in the month for home leave.

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