Monday, March 21, 2016

Journal Entry for June 11, 2004: Government Reneging on Darfur

From a cable I sent: “For past month [see: 04Khartoum 0550], the Embassy has been talking with GOS about the gains to be had for all from it adopting a cooperative approach to working with the international community. We have also stressed that time is running out to save lives. Despite some early positive steps -- on visas and travel regulations -- it is clear that the GOS has not, repeat not, adopted a facilitative approach to helping save lives in Darfur. Needed vehicles, equipment and food are blocked and aid workers are harassed on the ground. Government behavior has resulted in too few aid workers, with too little equipment and food, forced to waste too much time to do too little. The government is failing to meet minimal expectations and the time may be coming for the international community to consider measures. Time is running out.”

Note:  The cables returned from my FOIA request for Khartoum cables for the period I served as Charge ended with 04Khartoum 0550.  I have received cables from Brasilia during my time there but before I get to those, I will draw on my journal to end the period of my Sudan tour. 

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