Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Journal Entry for July 27, 2004: Differences with USAID

Just got a call -- not the first -- suggesting that I indicate in my cables that they represent the coordinated view of the "country team," i.e., that USAID specifically sign off on them.  [The] USAID political people seem to want to drive us to war with this government just as others did over Iraq.  They see me and everything I do as defending the enemy. I've reached accommodation with AID here and it's not the issue.  The USAID pols in DC have vanquished all other opposition to their drive to confront this government and push it to the edge.  They see me as the last obstacle.  My ability to report complications from reality makes them apoplectic.  I have tried to use the Secretary to enlist a bit of foreign policy pragmatism into the equation but do not appear to have done so.  So I have another month to try to pull something good out of a hat full of vipers, scorpions and icky slimy things.  

Note:  The USAID political appointees led the USG push for southern Sudan independence and for using the Darfur issue against the Khartoum government.  The then-Administrator had served as vice president of World Vision (an evangelical advocacy NGO) and his Africa deputies also supported the "Christian" south over the Moslem north. 

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