Monday, May 9, 2016

A Belizean Interlude: Perhaps How Not to Say Goodbye

Served as DCM in Belize City 1994-96.  The Ambassador was a political appointee from New Hampshire.  The US had various international crime issues with the Belizean government and as my tour was drawing to a close, we thought I might be used to deliver a tough message through an interview with a local newspaper (the Reporter).  The government was not pleased and suggested it would have PNG'd me but I was already leaving.  (Clever American diplomacy in action.)  The pro-government People's Pulse then responded.  On the day I left, while at the airport with my son waiting for the plane, Belizean police approached me and suggested that they could, if they wished, plant drugs on me and use that to arrest me.  What fun.  Here follows the relevant press pieces. 

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