Tuesday, September 22, 2015

04 Khartoum 0367: April 7, 2004 Meeting with Sudan's Foreign Minister*

* From my journal for April 7:  Met with the foreign minister and tried to find a way forward vis-à-vis the Chad talks. Maybe found one. Accepted his offer to have someone from the Embassy travel with him to Darfur. Meanwhile, the talks in Kenya maybe/maybe not have a breakthrough. Went to dinner on the Nile despite the heat. The warm breeze carried the smell of animal waste. Some kind of bug was out flying around the lights. But it actually wasn’t that bad. And sometimes a slightly cool, fresh breeze came along (helped by huge fans going at a respectful distance). Took the opportunity to try a waterpipe. Not bad. The slightly past full moon rose in the east over the Nile.

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