Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back to Sudan: 03 Khartoum 1049 plus journal entry

From my December 8 journal entry: Well, on top of the historic visit of the (Christian/animist) SPLM to Khartoum now unfolding, Franklin Graham (son of Billy) is here to give out Xmas gifts. The Christians have landed. Just came back from dinner in his honor given by the (Islamic) government. Rev. Graham gave a very nice speech at dinner showing faith, cultural sensitivity and understanding. Very sincere man. I told him that I saw his father preach in Madison Square Garden many years ago. He said his father will give his last "talk" there next year. (Must mean he is retiring, not ascending.) Tomorrow morn, I go with him to the airport to see the big Russian plane deliver the presents. So far no one has asked me to actually pray.

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